Sparkling City Chorus Leadership

Sparkling City Chorus thrives because of the energy and style of the people who have stepped up to lead. Here are a few of the people that make our ensemble tick:

Board of Directors   Music Staff
President Sherry Wachtel   Barbara Behr Nancy Burditt
Vice-President Nancy Hutton   Veronica Lopez Nancy Hutton
Secretary Nancy Burditt   Kathy Littlefield Marge DeWitt
Treasurer Jamie Eppler      
Board Member Blanca Flores      
Board Member Ariana Appleby      
Standing Committees   Special Committees
By-Laws & Rules Nancy Hutton   Budget Marge DeWitt
Chapter Contact Barbara Behr   Budget Jamie Eppler
Costumes/Make-up Nancy Burditt   Budget Sherry Wachtel
Costumes/Make-up Veronica Lopez   Choreographer Nancy Burditt
Financial Coordinator Marge DeWitt   Condolences Nancy Burditt
Historian Blanca Flores   Facebook Marge DeWitt
Membership Mary Hower   Instagram Sherry Wachtel
Public Relations/Publicity Nancy Hutton   Hospitality Social Events Vicki Brandon
Public Relations/Publicity Barbara Behr   Housing Mary Hower
Risers Ariana Appleby   MeetUp Sharon Queller
Risers Shannon Manthei   Music Libraian Nancy Hutton
Ways & Means Sherry Wachtel   Region Contact Mary Hower
Webmaster Ariana Appleby   Regional Event Coordinator Mary Hower
Webmaster     Rosters/Flyers Pearlie Archambault
      Tune In for 10 Nancy Burditt


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Sparkling City Chorus
Corpus Christi, TX 

Primary Contact
Barbara Behr


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